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For charitable organizations outside of the Western world, receiving the funds that are raised on their behalf is a big challenge – not all countries are able to participate on the fundraising “platforms” that have sprung up all over the web (GoFundMe, JustGiving, etc.). Many of these platforms charge significant fees to collect the funds and banks charge more fees to deposit them in the beneficiary’s account. In order to legally send large amounts ($5,000 and up), donations must pass through verified, accountable organizations (like our partners). The best way to ensure that your donations get the fewest “bites” out of them is to donate to an organization with a direct connection to the charity of your choice. For all of our projects, we will share information about how your donations will be delivered.

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WUSC Student Refugee Program

World University Services Canada (WUSC) enables student refugees to pursue their education and rebuild their lives in a supportive environment.

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Home Visit

Make private donations to help us share personal stories about daily life in Dzaleka Refugee Camp coming directly from residents.

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Salam Zetu – Medical kit shipment fundraiser

An ongoing campaign to raise funds in partnership with IAFR Canada.

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Kibébé Covid Appeal

Help to provide 1500 Dzaleka resident households with food, soap and face masks during the pandemic.

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GoFundMe campaign for self-made 3D printed masks in Dzaleka

A unique GoFundMe campaign to get materials for residents in Dzaleka Refugee Camp self-printing printing 3D masks against Covid-19.

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If you have questions or want to get involved, including making private, direct donations that will have an immediate impact, please contact us.