Little Acts of Kindness

Successful delivery of “Salam Ketu” IAFR Canda medical shipment to Malawi


TIH Founder and Executive Director Innocent Magambi checking the drugs

TIH Founder and Executive Director Innocent Magambi checking the medical kits upon delivery in Malawi.

The medical supply kits that we helped fund for our partner IAFR Canada cleared customs and were delivered to the clinic in the Dowa District, Malawi at the end of January. While there were a few delays due to Covid protocols and restrictions and more stringent lockdown rules,  the shipment arrived in time to stock the clinic which was in great need of supplies.

According to IAFR Canada and their sources, there were pharmaceuticals in this shipment that immediately saved the lives of several patients in critical condition. Moreover, the size and value of this shipment is major significance to the country as it goes beyond just the need, but also has served to facilitate greater integration between refugees and Malawians. It has highlighted the way in which refugees are contributing to the wellbeing of the country as a whole, as access to this clinic is open to both refugees and Malawians in the Dowa district.  As the majority of the displaced are housed in the developing world (at least 85%) the tension between the host country and refugees is often fraught with hostility because of the sense that there is not enough to go around. These shipments have served to integrate the displaced in Malawi and to foster good relationships between refugees and Malawians.

We are proud to have played even a small part in this successful effort! You can still donate to future fundraising projects in partnership with IAFR Canada by visiting this link and selecting Little Acts of Kindness.

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