Little Acts of Kindness

Emery Ndayizeye


Emery Ndayizeye was forced to flee the Democratic Republic of Congo when war broke out. He, his mother and siblings traveled via Burundi, making several narrow escapes along the way, and eventually found their way to Malawi. At a young age, he suddenly found himself taking care of his family in a new country. Becoming a refugee interrupted his education and made learning a challenge – a Dzaleka resident for more than a decade, from day one he has had to hold down a job and study at the same time in order to develop the skills which have now earned him a job at a local bank. His focus and determination have helped him with the huge responsibility he has to support his family of eleven people. Part of the on-the-ground team in Dzaleka, Emery joined Little Acts at the end of 2020 and in his words, says that the experience “gave me an opportunity to reach out to the community while doing my job – I discovered that there are many vulnerable people who need our support in terms of shelter, basic needs and other necessities, including elderly people, orphans and people with disabilities.”

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