Little Acts of Kindness

Gabriel Ndende Muholeza


Gabriel was born in 1999 in South Kivu province in D.R. Congo, the eldest of a family of eleven children. He attended primary school and the beginning of secondary school when his family was forced to relocate to Dzaleka in Malawi due to fighting in the area.

Always a good student, his chemistry teacher in Congo encouraged him to pursue his strong interest science as he worked toward university. Other students in his class recognized his abilities in science and requested that he help them with their studies, so at the age of 14, he created an after-school study class that quickly developed into not only a remedial science class, but also a course in how to deal with personal conflict, something he was gifted at.

In 2015, when he left his school behind to move to Malawi, he brought with him his talents and moral character. He did not waste a minute and because he was from a French-speaking culture, immediately joined an English club so that he could learn the new language that many people speak in the camp and in Malawi.

In 2017, he began attending  high school in Dzaleka via a “bridging programme” that helped him to make the transition to studying there. He joined and worked with Vijana Africa, a community-based organization, becoming both a member and a volunteer there. He also joined another community-based organization called Pax Mundi where he was elected Secretary and leader for Poets in Pax. With this group, he taught other young people to write poetry.

After meeting team member Dana Whittle on Facebook (via mutual friend There Is Hope), he became friends with the other members of Little Acts of Kindness and was invited to join the effort to bring attention to the situation of vulnerable people in the camp.

Gabriel is our Dzaleka Project Coordinator and his job is to keep the Little Acts team updated on current conditions and goings on and to help generate articles about life for orphans and elderly camp residents.

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