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Kibébé (“chubby baby” from Swahili and French word origins) is an African lifestyle brand economically empowering refugees and Malawians alike. Skilled artisans transform colourful chitenje (traditional fabric used throughout East Africa) to create a curated collection of handcrafts that come with stories of resilience and opportunity. Kibébé not only directly provides jobs but donates all its profits to There is Hope, a partnered Malawian non-profit providing vocational training and educational scholarships to the people living in and around Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi.

Kibébé was founded by intercultural couple Florisa and Innocent Magambi, who started There is Hope in 2007  to empower refugees and local Malawians through vocational training programs and college scholarships. Kibébé stemmed out of There is Hope as its social enterprise branch to directly provide jobs to the people they serve and fund its programs.

The Kibébé online store is run as a US-based 501-c3 corporation in the state of Michigan.

Learn lots more about Kibébé by visiting and shopping their online store at or the Kibébé Facebook page.

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