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Kibébé wins the 2019 SEED Africa Award


Photo ©Innovation Photography / There Is Hope

Based in Lilongwe, Malawi, Kibébé was named the 2019 SEED Africa award winner in the biodiversity category. Founded by There Is Hope, Kibebe trains marginalized artisans to produce upcycled products to sell at their brick-and-mortar outlet and at the local farmers market. They also offer tours of the production centre and camp to bring customers closer to the communities that make the products. Kibébé artisans’ lives have been changed via better access to education, healthcare and food for the extended family. Says Kibébé Director Florisa De Leo Magambi, “by employing and giving work to women, we elevate their earning ability, which lifts their dignity and voice in the community, improves their decision making power and protects them from engaging in survival sex.


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