Little Acts of Kindness

Dzaleka needs you – a poem and video appeal


If COVID has shaken and shattered the first-world countries

Leaving them closed up and locked up

How much more would it affect those in third-world countries

I mean in this case fourth-world country

Because this is a refugee camp

Hosting about 45,000  people from six different countries

The’ve learnted to live here

The’ve learned to call this home

What’s worse is for some it feels like fifth-world country

Isolated from the rest even before COVID 19

I am  speaking about the orphans and the elderly

Already at risk of poverty

Now as COVID continue to cause chaos

Even what they got is at risk of being lost

They’ve heard the guidelines

They’ve heard the measures

Stay six feet apart

Okay that’s fine

Wash your hands regularly

We’ve learn to do that

Stay at home


Where will food come from if we stay at home

Where will help come from if we stay at home

Our water our food can only be found far away outside

Help Dzaleka never have to ask these questions

Give generously today

To help refugees not worry about food but about health and hygiene

Help stop the spread of COVID-19

©2020 James Niyomugabo

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If you have questions or want to get involved, including making private, direct donations that will have an immediate impact, please contact us.