Little Acts of Kindness

Dana Whittle


Dana is a musician, producer, designer, web developer and writer. Her work promotes traditional Québécois and other forms of music and culture and she is the founder and former president of Québec’s first folk music organization Folquébec. Dana was born in New England and has been involved in the arts for most of her life (and her grandmother was a singer with the New York Metropolitan Opera). She has a B.F.A. (printmaking) from Rochester Institute of Technology and studied at Lesley College (Harvard) in Arts Administration. Now a Canadian citizen, for 25 years she has lived in rural Québec with her fiddler husband and is also the mother of three talented, grown-up kids.

Dana’s connection to Little Acts is through her friendship with Charlotte Barthazar, who she met on a long Canadian bus ride in 2014. They stayed in touch and visited over the years and Dana quickly became Charlotte’s “Canadian mom” since Charlotte is unable to be with her own mother, a talented artisan still in Malawi caring for Charlotte’s siblings and extended family. Charlotte brought Dana into the project as an organizer and liaison between There Is Hope (in Malawi) and a loose collective of WUSC alumni who have remained in touch since coming to Canada on scholarships. She is using her communications and design skills to create the website, promotional and publicity materials and media outreach.

Dana can be found online at and and her music and podcasts can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Google, etc.

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