Little Acts of Kindness

Bosco Nduwayezu


Bosco Nduwayezu was born in Butare, Rwanda and was forced to flee due to the 1994 civil war in. His family sought refuge in Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya and Malawi, where he was able to complete primary school at Umodzi Katubya and secondary school and Likuni Boys School.

While in Malawi, he succeeded in obtaining a student refugee program scholarship through World University Service of Canada to study at the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba (Canada). Bosco earned his Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from the University of Winnipeg and a diploma in power engineering technology from Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology.

He currently lives in Winnipeg and works as an engineer at a poultry processing plant in Bluemont, Manitoba. In addition to his job, he volunteers in different communities in Winnipeg, including the NEEDS centre, a charity organization for newcomers to Manitoba.

Bosco is a member of the Knights of Columbus as well as the Rwandese community in Manitoba. In his free time he enjoys bible study and prayer, Boy Scouting, volleyball, biking, hiking and historical literature.

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