Little Acts of Kindness

Benigne Aaron


Benie Aaron lived in Dzaleka Refugee Camp for 11 years.

Prior to having the opportunity to come to Canada through World University Service of Canada (WUSC), she was privileged to be sponsored by There is Hope Ministry for post-secondary education when she was absolutely hopeless following the loss of her guardians whom she looked up to for survival in the refugee camp. The kindness she got from There is Hope and WUSC will forever be remembered.

Benie was orphaned by both parents at the age of 7 in Burundi due to the ethnic war that claimed the lives of not only her biological parents but also several siblings. Being a victim of war, she has always been concerned with the well-being of refugees and other less privileged populations across the globe – orphans, widows and those living in extreme poverty. That is why she was motivated to be part of “Little Acts of Kindness”.

Currently, Benie resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Social Work at the University of Manitoba and expects to graduate in 2021. Benie hopes to use her life, academic experience and knowledge she has acquired to advocate for any set of people who are oppressed, marginalized and exploited due to their gender, race, age, sexual orientation, ability, religion, nationality, caste, ethnicity and social class.

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