Little Acts of Kindness

Living in a lifelong lockdown – a message from There Is Hope


“Living in a refugee camp means living in a lifelong lockdown, so when the rest of the world is also locked down, refugees loose their connection to the help they need to survive.”

Children in Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Photo ©Innovation Photography / There Is Hope

Just like everyone else, the residents and organizations – like this one, There Is Hope – who support Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi, Africa were taken by surprise. As of March 20, 2020, our educational programs ground to a halt when Malawi’s president officially declared a state of disaster. Staff and volunteers had to quickly change gears to find ways of dealing with this new challenge in a camp that is overcrowded and still growing. New arrivals had to be put into quarantine in a place where it is very difficult to practice social distancing.

There Is Hope has responded by providing food, soap, bucket taps and reusable cloth face masks made by local artisans and have launched a new fundraising campaigns (via our handicrafts store Kibebe) to ensure that these efforts can continue.

We are happy to welcome Little Acts of Kindness, founded by graduates of some of our programs and those of the WUSC, to our list of partner. They are responding by becoming a resource for information about Dzaleka and helping us to create opportunities to connect people with all the ways they can support the efforst of This Is Hope and other organizations that are part of the worldwide team.

Innocent Magambi, Executive Director, There Is Hope

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